Quick stop in York Beach

On Monday morning we made a quick stop in York to run on long sands beach, look for shells, and play in the ocean a bit. We stayed until Adele got too confident and I couldn’t handle watching her jump unsteadily from wet rock to wet rock anymore. As long as we were in the…

Portsmouth and the Fairy House Tours

We went to Portsmouth, NH for the fairy house tours last weekend. Someone put bubble bath in one of the fountains! We had fun wandering around the city before it got busy. We watched a drawbridge and touched the water in the fountain. Then we went to the Friendly Toast for lunch, and Meg had…

GMARA cleanup

The girls and I did a short hike up the Long Trail to retrieve a checkpoint from the race a few weeks ago. We had a great time – Eleanor discovered that hiking is actually quite fun! Adele discovered that she should wear warmer clothes when we tell her it’s cold. I discovered that carrying…

Bitter Pill 2013

I helped direct the GMARA Bitter Pill again this year, which meant all three girls had a chance to help out, including running the mid-race lemonade stand. It was a great day to be outside! Adele is always an adventure.

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